What Is a Cat Tent and What Can You Do?

Eliza Jonasson
3 min readJan 29, 2020
Photo by Iz & Phil on Unsplash

Most cat lovers and owners are familiar with the way their felines curl up in dark areas. They like to take their afternoon siestas in any tiny nook, cranny, or crevice.

Other cats like to have their “me’ time far from their human family and often look for a private spot to do some grooming.

Anyway, letting people pet and love them could be pretty tiring.

In addition, indoor cats may like to venture into the outdoors on some occasions.

However, they need to be enclosed so that kitties can let their paws feel the grass without running away or leaping over the fence.

Definition of Cat Tent

This type of tent is designed for cats. This allows them to curl up while sleeping, hide from everyone else, or go outdoors without escaping.

As earlier mentioned, a cat tent can be useful especially when a feline is continuously seeking some privacy.

The products that are designed for outdoor use are made of lightweight material such as mesh to allow the passage of light and air.

Some of them come with mesh bottoms while others have solid bottoms.

In addition, there are waterproof and heated cat tents that serve as semi-permanent shelters that accommodate stray/outdoor cats.

Moreover, indoor types are usually made of soft materials like plush or nylon. Most often, the kitty loves to snooze in such soft, cushiony fabrics.

Ideal Tents for Cats

Aside from deciding on a cat tent that meets its purpose, the most ideal ones should conform to the guidelines that follow:

  • The tent should be spacious enough to fit in the number of cats that will occupy it.
  • It should be made of material that resists scratches and bites. It is easy for a rough kitten that has sharp nails or front claws, to tear a tent that is made of soft or thin material.
  • Depending on where it will be used, the tent should be designed either indoors or outdoors.
  • It should be durable if intended for outdoor use to prevent it from collapsing, whether its occupant will play or relax.
Eliza Jonasson