Top 3 Reasons That Most People Are Unable To Lose Weight

Eliza Jonasson
2 min readSep 16, 2021

Or Always Regain The Weight They Lose?

Top 3 Reasons That Most People Are Unable To Lose Weight

The biggest problem with most weight-loss methods is:

That they set up an exact period of time and structure, and if you follow the rules strictly according to that structure, then you might lose some weight — after expending enormous effort (and it’s not real weight loss in most cases, since most of the weight lost consists of water instead of fat).

Many weight-loss programs recommend dieting hard, eating very little food, and taking in as few carbohydrates as possible.

Thus, they practically order you to starve to lose weight.

This method is not going to work. You might lose some pounds, yes, but you can’t sustain it over the long term.

You will always be hungry, tired, and nervous. When you return to your old nutritional habits, you will promptly regain all of the weight you lost, and you may even gain more.

Many advertisements promise that you can lose 50–60 pounds using magic pills so that You don’t have to do anything else than taking those pills.

Such advertisements claim completely untrue things. They lie to you.

Think about it: Can you really lose 50–60 pounds using a single pill without changing anything about your nutritional and exercise habits?

Such a pill does NOT exist! Moreover, those that promise such effects adversely affect your health.

Avoid these dubious products, and always choose 100% natural methods.

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