How to Get Over A Breakup

Eliza Jonasson
4 min readJul 10, 2021

Learn the Secret to Opening Your Heart Again

How to get över a breakup and grow as a person

Would you get into a relationship if you knew it wasn’t going to last?

If given a crystal ball, many of us would take one look at the last days of a love affair and swear off that relationship completely.

There’s no point in falling for someone if it’s going to end THAT badly.

Or is there?

It goes without saying that breakups are bad. Divorce is even worse.

When a relationship ends, you may experience depression, anxiety, insomnia, skin flare-ups, aches and pains, drastic weight loss or gain, or illness.

One cardiologist reported seeing a greater incidence of heart attacks in people who’d recently broken up.

Breaking up can literally break your heart.

But have breakups been given a bad rap?

Is it really true that the only worthwhile relationships are those that last forever?

Ty Tashiro and Patricia Frazier from the University of Minnesota believe that we’ve overlooked the possibility of achieving “positive life changes following relationship breakups.”

A 2003 study of broken-hearted undergraduates found evidence that breakups spurred personal growth, particularly in women.

If it’s too soon to stomach the idea that a breakup could be a good thing, this article is not for you. Go watch this video instead.

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?

You broke up with someone you really liked.

Determined to prove that he made a huge mistake by letting you go, you embarked on a campaign to become a “new you.”

You started an exercise program, bought new clothes, and filled your life with a whirl of social activities.

Even though thoughts of your ex intruded at times, you forcibly kept your mind on the future and your amazing life ahead.

You refused to let him make you sad anymore.