Is Social Media Destroying Society?

Eliza Jonasson
6 min readJul 18, 2021
Social media is destroying our life
Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

Online media is destroying society web-based media organizations couldn’t care less about you all they care about is the way they can get you to invest however much energy on their foundation as could reasonably be expected they couldn’t care less about the outcomes of this equitable to explain the plan of action of web-based media stages is on the assortment of clients information and running promotions which a ton of the time

Depends on that information the additional time clients spend watching these promotions that they run the more cash they make our consideration is an item the maxim goes assuming you’re not paying for the item, you are the item sponsors are the clients, and us clients are the master or the items being sold how do these organizations guarantee that

That they maximize our attention they make us addicts how do they do this they exploit a vulnerability in human psychology the human brain is built to seek human interaction which is deeply embedded with the reward pathways we release dopamine or the feel-good neurotransmitter every time we interact hence using strategies and algorithms to maximize

Our web-based media utilization improve cooperations makes us experience the emission of this synapse increasingly more subsequently we start to look for it and begin utilizing it an ever-increasing number of it’s actually similar to illicit medications the solitary two businesses that call their clients are the unlawful medication industry and web-based media industry

What’s the comparability between them the two of them work and adventure the human instinct of propensities and dependence web-based media has arrived at a phase in our lives where a ton of the time we don’t utilize online media intentionally any longer it turns into an oblivious propensity established in your cerebrum and inserted in your prize pathways where you in some cases utilize web-based media without you in any event, acknowledging it

Your brain subconsciously seeks that unnaturally high level of dopamine release now look this is not a mistake social media companies are purposefully implementing tools to maximize the exploitation of the vulnerabilities of human psychology the entire ecosystem of these platforms have been tailored by psychologists to maximize engagement from the…

Eliza Jonasson