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Eliza Jonasson
3 min readApr 29, 2021

How to correct your Hip Flexors

What Are Tight Hip Flexors?

The hip flexors are an entire group of muscles in and around the hips that helps to move your legs and trunk together.

So when you lift your legs, or when you are bending over to pick something up, you are using your hip flexors.

Tight Hip Flexors seems to be today’s buzzword in gyms around the country. Yoga & pilates studios are busier than ever, filled with people just like you, trying to stretch their hip flexors to reduce pain, but with no lasting benefit.

And if you really don’t know what it means to have tight hip flexors, then you are wasting your time with the stretching you have been doing. Yes, stretching is good … it’s GREAT! But if you are not addressing all the muscles related to having tight hip flexors, then you will continue to suffer.

To really get to the root of stretching tight hip flexors and finally relieving the pain you are having, you will need to strengthen your core and your glutes as well.

To do exactly this, to truly stretch tight hip flexors and alleviate what is an unnecessary pain in your life all you need is a few new stretches and exercises that will loosen your tight hip flexors ONCE AND FOR ALL!

How amazing would it be … how amazing would it feel to have better mobility, less pain, and less risk of injury just by simply including these simple stretches into your day?

Do I Have Tight Hip Flexors?

Obviously, if your muscles just feel tight that is a clear indication that they are in fact, tight. So what do you do? You STRETCH them of course!

And what is the result? Not a whole lot or at least nothing that seems to have any real impact or lasting effect as far as improving things.

Other signs that you have tight hip flexors can include any or all of these …

* Tightness and aching in your lower back, particularly when standing

* Poor posture; pain & difficulty standing up straight

* Tightness and pain in your neck

  • Pain in your glutes
Eliza Jonasson